četrtek, 11. junij 2015

First impression

Hello people! I’m currently on my way to camp and we’re all soo excited and nervous!! :)

I had so awesome and easy flights! My family dropped me at Zagreb airport from where I’ve flown to Paris. Short two-hour flight, nothing special. The airport in Paris though, it was the biggest thing ever (or so I thought until I came to America haha). After I landed in Paris, I rushed through security check for connective flights...people who work there are so idiotic. They saw half of us didn’t speak French but no one bothered to speak in English. Morons! ......I thought it would be easy to just walk to another terminal from where I flew on haha yup, didn’t happen :D first I had to take a bus to change the terminal from D to E...then get another boarding pass for flight from Paris to Newark and then take a TRAIN (!!) to the place of my departure, which was still on the same terminal! That was something. But the airport itself is just fantastic! When I finally got to the right spot I sat in front of my boarding gate...and of course sat in front of the wrong ones haha thank god I figure it out fast enough or else I would probably board a plane to Vietnam haha :D
Flight to Newark was operated by Delta Airlines and was 8 hours long...I had to stop complaining about the length of it because Grace, a fellow counsellor from Australia sent all the European counsellors to hell with our complaints, couse it took her 24 hours of flying to NY. :) But mine actually went by so quickly. It was the nicest flight ever! We got a bunch of food, that I didn’t even eat it all, I watched a couple of movies, read the American games guide for kids and some literature for my gym class, made some squats in the toilet and we were already in America :) I have to say I took advice from our coordinator and literally ran to emigration point...thank god he told us that, because I speared myself an hour if not more of standing in line for sure! People there were so nice, there was a security guy who was cracking jokes all the time hah
So once I got all my documents sorted, my luggage was already waiting for me (and they didn’t lose it yaaay!) so it took me half an hour to get out of the airport...so fast! I could not believe I just landed on the other side of the world. :D I then bought a bus ticket to Manhattan where I had my accommodation and Grace already waiting for me.  During the ride to the city I saw what traffic jam mean...W.T.F.?! That place was just crazy! The city itself was nothing what I’ve expected. First impression of New York City? DIRTY WITH NOT A SINGLE TRASH CAN IN THE CITY! Hopefully I’ll change my mind when I return and do some sightseeing. But for sure, I would never want to live there, so no worries, I’ll come home :D After Grace, Sally (owner of the place where we stayed) and I finally got my suitcase up the stairs to the apartment, I had some time to take a breath. Later in the evening we went out to see Times Square (again, not impressed with what I saw) and then to dinner. The food was so good!! Whoever said you can’t eat healthy and good stuff in NYC, has probably never been here. ;) We also got to see a sunset from Hudson river pier...so pretty!
Sleeping first night though was interestingly funny...I woke up several times during the night, but finally got up at 5:30 haha Hopefully I’ll get a good sleep once we settle at camp. So exciting! We left Sally’s apartment early in the morning to catch a bus to Great Barrington. We met two other fellow counselors at the station, so we made a little team haha I’m so happy to be surrounded with people that have such sweet British, Irish and Australian accents! :D So it took us quite some time to find the right gate, everyone kept sending us in the wrong directions, idiots! The actual pick up point was in the other building :o

And so we boarded a bus to our camppppp, and another fellow counsellor joined our clan :) we had some interesting talks....did you know that Australians call people from New Zealand “Kiwis”! haha they are hilarious and we already get along so well, I love it! :D
Yaaay we are almost there! Kutchers sports academy here we come!

Lateeer folks! :)

(Wifi on the bus died just when I wanted to post this so I’m sending it with a little bit of delay...we are already in camp, it's absolutely amazing, oh my god, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded with forest, masive lake, wooden houses, we are all loving it! And the people here are just awesome, such a brilliant team! But more about that later! :) )

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