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It's been a week since I came to America. Time really flies when you're having fun. And we definitely are. So far, this has been the best thing ever for sure...last time I was talking about my traveling to camp and first days in america...but today I'm finally able to share some details about how camp life actualy looks like.

We got to camp on Thursday, just in time for lunch...the camp staff picked us up in the city and so we took our way to the camp which is located in the middle of could see some cute wooden cottages on the way though. Great Barrington and the surrounding area litterally look so tipicaly American, I felt like I was in a movie!! Once we arrived to camp I was just blown away. It is soooo beautiful here, I cannot even describe. Forest around the whole campus, a huge lake with little lake houses, courts and fields everywhere..just amazing! It's so peaceful and calm...even with the children running around.
We all sat down to chill a bit before unpacking. Getting to know other counselors was interesting... I will admit it took me some time to get used to speaking in English, but once you fall into it it becomes completely normal. :) But it still gets hard when you're speaking because you have to think about words, senteces and correct times constantly!
So after lunch we got to see our bunks and go on tour around campus. Once we settled in, it was already time for dinner and bed. The following days were all about orientaion, getting to know the camp, staff, their vision. We had to prepare the equipment, clean the paths and get familliar with their work ethics. The staff here is just great, even though we slowly started making groups... like Europeans together, Aussies and "kiwis" together...we still all get along so well but I guess we'll see what's gonna happen when the rest of the staff (Americans) arrive in 10 days.
We did a lot of physical work..KSA owns the original floor from Boston Garden basketball arena which they put together every year just for camp (it's like 40 years old) we unloaded it piece by piece (sooo heavy!) And (tried to) put it together. It's still not finished haha but it was at least a good workout :D
Campers arrived on Sunday morning. We greeted them one by one, took their stuff and accommodated them in their bunks. My co-counselor Heidi and I got the oldest group of girls, so 16 years old. One of them is from Dominican republic and barely speaks english..but she is here to learn it, she's so cute. The other two are from Florida and they are just the best haha we are having so much fun when were hanging in our bunk, it's just hilarious haha I love them :D
Oh yeah. I was supposed to be a gymnastics and swimming counselor but I ended up as a circus one!! How cool!! Omg I swear this is the best thing ever! The circus coach Annie is so nice...she brought silks, trapeze and lira (aerial hulahoop)...I learned how to juggle, how to do tricks on silk and we're doing trapez and lira at the end of the week. I still do gymnastics though...and that's something, I tell you! I literally have never seen something so unorganized and done without any feeling for the weird. Its just like "oh, were gonna do some handstands and cartwheels and somersaults right at the beginning" and most of the kids have never even done gymnastics...what the f**?!
So yeah we are pretty bussy all day, but we do have a rest period after lunch to chill a bit before our afternoon sessions. In the evening kids do evening activities which are different every evening and then got to go to the canteen and buy some candy, ice cream, hot dogs, pica and basicly all the shitty food you can imagine...I will talk about food some other time couse this is just a story for itself haha :)

I am currently in the city, waiting to go to the movies with the gang (it's our night off!). Jurassic world yeah!! :)
To all my friends and family who are reading this...I'm having fun, I'm alive and ok I love you and I miss you all (but just a little bit ;))

Xoxo, *D*

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