petek, 27. februar 2015

Everything you need to know about HAIR REMOVAL!

Today’s post is all about hair removal. If you are a guy reading this, don’t freak out haha this topic is most certainly not reserved only for the ladies, as more and more male representatives also choose to undergo this “horrifically  painful procedure”. :D I feel like this topic is still some sort of a taboo (at least in my environment), so not many people talk about it publicly....I seriously don’t know what’s the reason behind it since that’s not exactly something we should be ashamed of or keep as a secret. Therefore, my current mission is to break this ridiculous taboo and tell you everything you need to know about hair removal. Now let us get down to business. :)

nedelja, 15. februar 2015

Dry skin 101

Let’s talk about dry skin for a moment. Many people have dry skin. Most of them because that’s just their genetic base; however, there are also people whose skin dries out occasionally and over the years. Even people with oily type can experience drying up of their skin! One of the most common reasons for occasional appearances of dry skin is dehydration. If you’re not hydrated from the inside, you cannot expect your skin will be from the outside (and then there are some others; smoking, bad diet, excessive sunbathing...).

torek, 03. februar 2015

It's all about bold lip colours!

Friday night? Party? Gathering with your friends? Fancy dinner just by yourself? All the right reasons to put on some crazy, bold lip colour and I guarantee it will instantly make you feel fearless and fabulous! ;)