nedelja, 17. maj 2015

Boring life...?

My life in high school was pretty awesome. I was a part of school cheerleader team, I was teaching gymnastics, I worked at a children’s day camp every year and we had a blast, I was dancing hip hop, me and my friends were going out partying every week...all in all I had a fabulous life! Still when I look back I think to myself “I (we) had sooo much fun, everything was so exciting, there was always something going on and the way we lived was so thrilling.”

But on the other hand I couldn’t wait to turn 18 so I could finally do so many other things that I was not able to do before...travelling alone, going to college, moving to another city and living alone...oh sooo exciting!! :) I had so much on my mind and I couldn’t wait for the day to start living my life the way I imagined it would be when I become an “adult”. All of a sudden I graduated from high school and finally moved to Ljubljana to study. 

First year was great, all this new thing, new friends...although I did stay in touch with my old friends but not even close to how often we hanged out before (can’t blame them, there came boyfriends, college etc. and so we lost some of our common interests.) ...anyway college life was and still is awesome! :) Partying, studying, so much fun stuff at lectures, but then all of a sudden came a day when I got over everything. :o what happened you ask? Well it got me quite some time to figure out why I didn’t feel good anymore. During my second year of college something clicked in my head...I constantly felt bored, unhappy and fed up with the same routine day after day, no one was ever ready to join me to go somewhere or do something other than the usual I had to make a change. If I wouldn’t do something by myself and would constantly wait for someone to join me, I would probably still sit here on the couch eating ice cream, not doing anything and having a boring life. Great.

In that moment I bought plane tickets to London (my all time favourite city, which brings sooo much joy to my hearth every time I get there) and left a week later. Alone. I got a chance to meet up with a couple of friends, that live(d) there and I finally started to feel that excitement again! :) London filled me with joy once again and from that point on, I decided it is time to start doing things that I want and when I want. They say you only live once for reason! :)
I decided I will no longer beg people to go with me, I’ll ask once and if no positive response, I’ll do it alone. Later in the same year right before my third year at college, I wrote a “wish list” of things I want to conquer in the coming years. Number one on the list was “to work at a children’s camp in America for the summer.” And in no time, I was filing out application forms to apply for a job as a Camp counselor.

That’s how this whole story began. Now I am less than a month away from this summer job which will be the biggest test in my life, and I lovee it!! I honestly could not be more excited and thrilled about it! I already know this was the best decision ever, which will bring me so much new experiences, friendships and joy. There is no other way to understand this feeling of freedom accompanied by fear and insecurity that comes together with such venture but to go through something similar.

Therefore, my advice to everyone who feels bored, unhappy, fed up with living the same lame routine every day is to GO OUT! Meet people, visit places that you have never been before, travel, try new things and most importantly do things that inspire you, help you to grow and make you feel excited, be happy and never ever let other people’s fears stop you from doing that!! And when you do that you'll see there is no grater feeling in the world. :)

Until next time... *D*

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