torek, 30. december 2014

New Year's Eve final preparation - Makeup edition :)

Hi there!

How did you spend your Christmas holidays? Was Santa generous this year? :) It was with me! Although most of my gifts were 50% “from me to me” but they still count as gifts! I was a pretty good girl this year indeed! :) My favourite present was a brand new and my very first professional set of makeup brushes! I lovee it so so much! It's gorgeous and absolutely worth the money. 

So now that Christmas is behind us and New Year is coming up in just a day, you probably started thinking about your New Year’s Eve wardrobe – dress, shoes, accessorise to get that perfect evening party look. Another thing you should not forget to think about is your makeup for the party.

sreda, 24. december 2014

Christmas bakery and a weekend trip to Vienna!

Hohohooo! :)

Christmas is just around the corner and the holiday magic is at its peak! I loovee loveee lovee it, just one thing is missing......someone to hug! L haha just kidding! :D Snooow, I miss snow! For me nothing spoils this Christmas spirit and all that gorgeous decoration more than too warm weather! It’s winter for god’s sake! Let it snow already!! -.-

Ok despite my crazy obsession with snow I still managed to get into the Christmas spirit easily. This past weekend I took a quick trip to Vienna...the land of Viennese waltz, traditional New Year’s concert aaaaand amazing amazing I mean A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.! I can proudly say I spent all my money for food there. Sometimes it really amazes me how I manage not to have 1000kg. Seriously. :)

torek, 16. december 2014

nedelja, 14. december 2014

Healthy glowing skin for everyone! No. 1 :)

…it’s my first official thematic post! Yaaaay! I feel weirdly nervous, almost like a freshman in high school not knowing if anyone would even like to read what I have to say…but I’ll take the risk to see what happens!

So I decided to write about skin and skincare first because skin is our largest organ and I feel like there is already too much information that can be severely confusing, and still many people don’t know how to treat their skin at all. That’s all thanks to lack of important knowledge. But luckily you have come to the right place! :)

sobota, 13. december 2014

There's a first time for everything!

Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the ultimate makeup, beauty, food and health blog! Now you’re probably thinking if all these things even belong on the same blog. Well if you let me, I will assure you they do and show you how much they actually depend on each other.
I’ve wanted to create a blog for quite some time now, but I just couldn’t decide what would be a perfect theme for it. There are plenty of food blogs, makeup blogs, health and beauty blogs and if I’d have to choose one theme I love the most, I’d probably choose food over all. Or maybe makeup and beauty? No no, food, definitely food…
Well at the end the single thought of choosing only one, caused me a minor anxiety attack, that led into to a decision to create this gorgeous place where all the important (!) things listed above would be kind of equally represented. So all you makeup, beauty, health and food enthusiasts out there, join me on this mega trip and prepare to be dazzled! :)
Much love, *D*
P.s. I have to tell you this holiday mood is so on right now I can’t even deal. My lectures at faculty became so uninteresting (not that they usually aren’t, but during this time I swear the boredom is on another level), I constantly want to bake something and in-between the inner battle to bake and have to eat it or not to bake and don’t eat it, my roommate makes these delicious chocolate chip cookies….oh lord and now you try to keep your hands off them – mission failed before it even started. But hey, you have 11 months to keep your hands to yourself and not go crazy on sweets, but December is absolutely not one of them!  Now excuse me, I’m going to get myself a cookie….or 10. :)