četrtek, 14. maj 2015

Something new is up! :)

Since it’s been a while from my last post, I figured it is time to give some more attention to my blog again. As you can see there has been a minor change....a brand new topic has joined my already so diverse bouquet of topics! :) All we do is travel <3 was created mostly because I looooove to travel and my goal is to visit as much foreign countries as possible in my life. Travelling is the one thing you buy that makes you richer and as cheesy as it sounds it is true!
But I also created this topic because I’m leaving my home country for more than three months and leaving Europe for the first time in my life woohoooo!! :) So I want to share every part of that journey with you...my thoughts, expectations, experiences and more information about this whole program I’m participating in. First post will be all about reasons for deciding to apply for such an adventurous and slightly intimidating venture. So wander back here in a couple of days to check it out and maybe get inspired by my decision to do something so different for once. ;)

Until then I'm sharing this photo...I just got my Visa so there really is no turning back from this point...yaaaaay! :D
#27daystogo <3

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