sreda, 01. april 2015

Super easy banana bread :)

Hi there! :)

Quick post before I leave for a little break...... :) I know, another food post you say, but I just love cooking and being creative...well I simply love food and everything that comes with it! There you have, I said it!

Today I created my very first banana bread from Jamie Oliver’s website. Yummy banana buns are just in the oven half way through, and the smell is already incredible! Looveee the smell of freshly baked breadd! *.*

You can get the recipe here (I didn't add honey to my dough, as I ran out of it haha and I divided all ingredients from the recipe by three); this time I just took pictures of the whole process.

If you have any ripe bananas lying around and don’t know what to do with them, give this baby a try! :) 

Now excuse me, I need to take mine out of the oven...just in time for dinner. Yuuuuummmm! :)


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