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It's all about bold lip colours!

Friday night? Party? Gathering with your friends? Fancy dinner just by yourself? All the right reasons to put on some crazy, bold lip colour and I guarantee it will instantly make you feel fearless and fabulous! ;)

I know bold lip colours can appear a little bit, no, no, actually, they can be absolutely horrifying, especially for someone who doesn’t even wear makeup often. And that my ladies is exactly why you should give it a try!! Step out of your comfort zone and show the world that you secretly have that sexy courageous tigress in you ;)

I will write the whole process of application, for those who are completely new to that idea of wearing lipstick. It is always in our best interest to apply lipstick once and then live it alone for the rest of the night...those who have some experience would know that's not always the case. Because we eat, drink, talk, breathe and do many other things (you know what I mean ;) ) during the evening, lipstick will eventually fade away. However, there are still some tricks how to slow down the process of fading and they aren’t even hard.

STEP 1: prepare your lips

It’s recommended to do a little peeling before you apply any makeup on your lips. Just to remove dirt and dead cells. Simply take a toothbrush and gently scrub your lips or make peeling by yourself (mix a touch of honey and some sugar, scrub. You can also leave it on after scrubbing, for 10-15min or until you lick it off :D). Voila. Your lips are now fresh, clean and prepared for the product.

STEP 2: create a good base

Apply some lip balm to protect the skin from drying out. Live it to absorb fully. Now take a concealer or foundation and tap it over your lips. Cover every corner and blend it out to your face, so there is no visible line. Your lips should now look like you are very sick or like you've drowned and stayed under water for ages haha ...Take a piece of toilet paper or a tissue and tap it gently over your lips to remove leftover product. Use a powder brush and apply a very small amount of powder over.

STEP 3: line and colour

It’s time to use lip pencil, which should usually suit the shade of desired lipstick. But mine doesn’t. And yours doesn’t have to either. As long as it’s at least somehow close to the colour of your lipstick (same, lighter or only a shade darker colour), you should do fine (its only purpose is to outline the borders within which you will apply lipstick). Now, line your lips, slowly and carefully over your natural line, so you won’t look like you’ve just got bitten by a bee, because no one wants that. :)
You can see that my lips aren’t very symmetrical...therefore with use of lip liner you can change or adjust the shape of your lips (I made mine a bit bigger). If you mess up, don’t panic!! Use a cotton swab to fix the damage. Initially it could and will take some time to learn how to get the perfect lip shape, so the more often you’ll wear it, the better you’ll become at shaping :) After you outlined the lips, colour them lightly with that same pencil...just a few stripes across lower and upper lip will do. To blend that out, again, use a cotton swab.

STEP 4: apply lipstick

And we are pass the scary part! :) Now take a lip brush, scoop some lipstick with it, and apply it on your lips. Start in the middle and move towards the outer lines. Don’t apply too much, it’s easier to add it than remove it. When you reach the outer lines, be precise and don’t rush. Do small and slow moves. Afterwards, take a tissue or a piece of toilet paper and squeeze it tight with your lips. Tissue will absorb all excess lipstick. This is our first layer of lipstick. If you don’t have a lip brush, use your fingertips (ring or pinky finger), but you could much easily end up applying lipstick over the edges.

STEP 5: finish
Repeat step 4 for about 2 or 3 times, to set lipstick firmly into your lips, so it will stay there for as long as possible! Then apply some shimmery gloss in the middle of your lips to get that illusion of big and full lips (if desired).

STEP 6: work it!

Congratulations, you are now ready to seduce the world with your bold, bright, colourful lips! :) Put on some heels and be a star of the night!

Good luck, *D*

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