sreda, 28. januar 2015

Morning muffins, YES PLEASE!

I just got some sort of flashback this morning, so I had to make these breakfast muffins. Why? Well, because I can. :) We all deserve to have yummy things for breakfast, since this is obviously the most important meal of the day. And I honestly cannot function properly until I eat something in the morning. But I guess that depends on your daily habits.

Now, we all know that fresh and healthy ingredients are important in our diet, so these little breakfast treats combine everything you need to start your day in a healthy but exciting way! :) I’m sure you probably have all needed ingredients at home, so let’s get going, shall we? :)

Things you need:
*1-2tbs of oats
*1-2tbs of shredded coconut
*1tsp of raw cocoa powder
*1-2tbs of yogurt
* 1 banana
*1tbs of corn starch (optional, may be replaced with regular flour)
*chocolate chunks, blueberries, strawberries, nuts, anything else you want :)

Just put everything in a mixer, mix, mix, mix until silky and smooth. Fill up the muffin papers, sprinkle your chocolate chunks/berries/nuts on, and put in the oven for about 15 minutes on 180°C.
Well at least that’s what I did.......but it didn’t quite end as expected next time I will use at least a small amount of flour, so they won’t be so mushy when they’re done.

Of course, nothing stopped me from eating my breakfast, so I ended up scraping these muffins out of their cups with a spoon.... and a cup of lovely cocoa on the side. :) Things absolutely got messy and dirty, but who cares, as long as I’m happy and full. :D

I will definitely make these again, try some new twists and make sure they turn out even better! :)


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    1. zdej k so izpiti mam polno časa za taka ustvarjanja, sej veš :D

  2. oooooooooooooooh kr lačnaa sm ratalaaaa haha :D

  3. Njami, njami in še enkrat njamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    1. Si jih poskusila? :) upam, da si dodala kaj moke zraven ali pa vsaj več kosmičev, da niso bili tako pocasti :D