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Dry skin 101

Let’s talk about dry skin for a moment. Many people have dry skin. Most of them because that’s just their genetic base; however, there are also people whose skin dries out occasionally and over the years. Even people with oily type can experience drying up of their skin! One of the most common reasons for occasional appearances of dry skin is dehydration. If you’re not hydrated from the inside, you cannot expect your skin will be from the outside (and then there are some others; smoking, bad diet, excessive sunbathing...).
Basic indicators of dry skin are:
*loose and thin upper skin layer
*peachy coloured
*poorly visible pores
*the secretion of sebum is small
*sensitive but it has good tone
*sometimes can feel a bit tight

Features of mature dry skin are:
*visible capillaries (couperosis)
*can be flaky
*wrinkles appear sooner

If you recognize yourself in this description, you probably have dry skin type. :) Now we are going to learn how to treat it right, because only if we take care of it properly from the very beginning, we can prevent some conditions from appearing (premature aging, flaking, couperosis...). Our main goal is to moisturize the skin at all times and try to create a balance between supplying moisture in and loosing it (remember, lack of oil doesn't mean the same as lack of moisture!).

Products for your skin type must be very mild with absolutely NO alcohol in it; they should contain herbal extracts. Use products that create a thin protective layer, which prevents moisture from escaping. Do not use any harsh peelings with large particles but rather buy enzyme peelings or peelings with very small particles...and there is no need to use it more than once a month. Always use a cream that doesn’t only contain oil but a lot of water too (which is actually even more important than oil). If you want to treat your skin with masks too, use a type with seaweed or brown algae.

I have to tell you about my latest discovery... last time I was buying some new products that are affordable but as natural as it gets and I came across this a-ma-zing organic line of cosmetic products called Himalaya Herbals. O.M.G.! Loveeeee it! They have absolutely everything you want/need – products for normal/combination, sensitive/dry skin, anti aging products, facial and body creams, products for lips, shampoos, product for dental care...and above all everything they make is organic, healthy, and tested! I really recommend you all to try it. :) 

Here is a link to their web page... so go, and check it out! ;)

Finally, I have some last guidelines for successful daily “skin treatment” routine:
use hydrating powder for protection during the day (not heavy oily and waxy ones). Drink a loooot of water throughout the day, eat the right foods (fruit and veggies are a must everyday!), avoid smoking and alcohol (two of the most common reasons for dehydration and premature aging changes) and of course always keep your skin protected (sunscreen, daily cream).

What are your experiences with skin care products, which ones do you love, how do you take care of your skin? :)

I hope that I gave you some new information about dry skin type and how to treat it. Remember always to take care of your skin because you only have one! ;)


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