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New Year’s resolutions? How about no.

Since we are already more than a week in the New Year, I felt the urge to write this blog and express my thoughts about NY’s resolutions. I think the sentence “New Year = new me” is pretty familiar to you all isn’t it? :) “I’m going to lose weight.”, “This year I’m really going to become a better person!”, “I am  getting healthier for sure!” ...blablabla. I wonder what is up with this January/New Year’s thing that all of a sudden became such a hit-to-do in this past few years...why do we literally throw all this resolutions directly into our faces right on January? Why not March or August? They are just as ordinary months as I the only one who finds that weird? I mean every single day is a year later than this exact day last year. I just don’t see the point in these wannabe resolutions. However, there’s still a bunch of people who want to walk through the wall and change their lives completely literally over the night.

Why? Is it because you saw it on TV? Or maybe because you saw your neighbour doing that? Or it’s just because our society believes that’s what you should do? Still not sure and I honestly think no one knows the right answer. From my point of view, this is a complete nonsense. Why wouldn’t you try to be a better person every day of the year not only on January 1st, maybe second too and then go back to where you were? Why wouldn’t you rather say “I’m going to be healthier because I want to be and not only for this year but for the rest of my life!” instead of torturing yourself with idiotic diets and wannabe fast solutions that you’ll abandon in a week anyway, because they are just ridiculous? For these questions I know the answer, well at least I think I do :)

That’s all because it is damn hard to get your life together, start to work on yourself and keep on doing that for the rest of your life! Moreover, it is absolutely easier to give up after just 5 days of trying, find new excuses for not putting an effort in and complain about how your life is not nearly as wonderful as it should be. The one thing that is the easiest of all and most commonly used by human beings, is blaming others for your bad luck instead of taking responsibility by yourself. I know that all of this might sound harsh but think about it...we all do that, more or less, at the end of the day it just is a part of human nature but how you deal with it is the important part. :)

Luck, happiness and success are a choice. Your choice! I choose to be happy every day so I know exactly why I try and work hard to maintain that. Luck just comes to you by itself afterwards. :) But of course if it would be so easy, everyone would do it! ;) Now, if you want to change your life that’s great, but you need a plan and most certainly you must not try to change all things at once. Just a quick tip before we move on...complaints, bad mood and negativity aren’t gonna give you any success, so lose the attitude right now and start creating a plan! :) the most important thing here are GOALS! Just not goals for the whole year in advance as “this year I’m not eating a single chocolate” (yeah right, as that would be ever achievable :p), that’s too far from now and the fact that you probably wouldn’t be able to achieve it as soon as you want, would be very discouraging. So start with small and short term goals that are achievable faster and highly encouraging! Set a goal for today, or this week, month, therefore you won’t lose motivation to work towards it (Today I will run 15 min more). You will feel extremely proud after achieving these “small” goals, it’s going to motivate you to go on, which will eventually lead to big changes! You just have to be patient. Big changes demand more time!

 It is also very important to:
*set realistic goals which are still high enough to challenge you
*define them very well
*check the progress
*not stress out
*reward yourself after you reach a certain important goal (don’t only think about material rewards!)

It either can’t hurt to have support from your family and friends, you might even get them to join you on this road towards better, brighter and happier future (and not only for a week or two just because it’s New Year and that’s what you “should” do, but this time for life!!).

Don’t forget to not ever give up, although there will be tough times, critical points and definitely people who will put you down, mock you and criticize you! Yet always remember they are acting so just because they would want to make a change by themselves but actually don’t have the courage to do it, so this just makes them feel better about it. Anyway talking behind your back can only mean one thing: YOU ARE CROSSING THAT FINISH LINE WAAAAY BEFORE THEM, SO CONGRATS TO YOU! ;)
I always say: be happy, stay positive, do things that make you feel complete, laugh a lot and go big or go home!! :)

Love *D*

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