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New Year's Eve final preparation - Makeup edition :)

Hi there!

How did you spend your Christmas holidays? Was Santa generous this year? :) It was with me! Although most of my gifts were 50% “from me to me” but they still count as gifts! I was a pretty good girl this year indeed! :) My favourite present was a brand new and my very first professional set of makeup brushes! I lovee it so so much! It's gorgeous and absolutely worth the money. 

So now that Christmas is behind us and New Year is coming up in just a day, you probably started thinking about your New Year’s Eve wardrobe – dress, shoes, accessorise to get that perfect evening party look. Another thing you should not forget to think about is your makeup for the party.

Last night of the year is the time to be creative, bold, and different. It’s the last festive event in this past year so make it count! :) This is also the one time that you are “allowed” to emphasize both eyes and lips strongly. Just make sure all the colours you use, go together well. My favourite makeup styles are definitely cat eyes and smoky look what is probably pretty obvious from sketches that I designed for you. New Year’s Eve is such a great opportunity to dress up, but how to create this red carpet look by yourself is another story. If you really want your makeup to round the whole thing, basic idea is a must – what style of makeup would you like to use (cat eyes, smoky, basic three shade, only eyeliner and so on), which colours you want to use (mat, sparkly...), what you’re going to do with your hair, is everything compatible with your complete outfit... We have to admit the whole process of getting ready for the last night of the year is quite a big pain in the ass. :) But no worries I’m here to help you. 

So when you have an idea of how you want your makeup to look like, you can start practicing and experimenting. I usually try all my makeup’s days before the important event just to make sure that everything really is exactly as I have imagined. This is a good thing especially for girls who don’t wear makeup often and those who don’t have a lot of skills...when you practice, you don’t necessarily need to apply foundation, powder...but only focus on the eyes and lips if you want to create something special or new (maybe ombre lips this year..?)

OK we have done our trial version now is time for the real deal! It’s very important to treat your skin very well before any big event that demands heavy makeup. In the morning of the event wash your face with warm water, apply tonic and face cream (I suggest you not to try any new products days before and especially not on the day of an important event, because you never know how your skin is going to the worst case you might even end up with an allergic reaction – no one wants that to happen right?). Then, when you are ready to start the whole “getting ready” process clean your face again, apply tonic and cream, let it to absorb fully. If you want, you can also apply liquid base. 

Next step – eyes. Doing eye makeup first helps to prevent ruining the whole foundation, if any eye shadow falls off your eyelids. Now apply a little bit of concealer or primer to your eyelids so your makeup will last the whole night. Then comes the eye shadow part – apply lighter shade to the whole upper eyelid, then use darker. Always apply lighter shades first especially if you only have one makeup brush, but you can always apply eye shadows with fingers (ring finger is the most precise...just tap around the lid). After you applied all shades of eye shadow and made sure that everything is blended out well (especially in the crease area) you can move on to eyeliner/eye pencil. Now that’s a tricky one. Well, no. It’s actually easy as long as you do it slowly. Try doing short light stripes along the lid and as close to the lash line as possible. At the end, to create so called wing (cat eye) you can help yourself with a piece of tape. I like to blend the eyeliner line with pencil and go over with a little bit of same coloured eye shadow (if you don’t have a proper brush for this step, try using a cotton bud and smudge everything together). Also, don’t forget to finish the lower lid – same style and colour!). The last step with eyes is mascara. Apply first thin layer of it, let it dry, apply second layer, let it dry and if you think it’s necessary to apply more feel free to do so. Just avoid applying too much, or else your lashes might end up looking like spider legs...not pretty! ;)

Yaay first step finished! Moving that you’ve done your eye makeup it’s time to do your foundation. You’ve already applied cream/base. If you have any imperfections/dark circles around your eyes/redness ...cover it up with concealer and make sure to blend everything. Then apply a thin layer of liquid foundation. Use your fingers, sponge, or a brush. Blend out and finish off with powder. Emphasise your cheeks with blush and bone structure with bronzer or darker brown colour. Blend everything well! 

Now let’s focus on the lips. Shape them with lip pencil in slightly darker tone than your selected lipstick. Apply lipstick in thin layer then put a small piece of tissue between your lips and squeeze them tight so the excess lipstick absorbs in. Apply another coat of lipstick, and repeat the tissue part. Do that for three or four times and your lipstick will stay on for very long time! :)

Just to finish off brush your eyebrows, if you need a bit of colour add it with a brow pencil or mat shadow. Nice looking brows add soo much to your complete look believe me! I also added two sketches of makeup that I created. First one is in beautiful purple and silver tones and the other one is black with gold eyeliner, just light eye shadow and red lips. 

There you have it the perfect makeup for New Year’s Eve done completely by yourself, congrats! :) Now it’s time to party the night away! I really hope this post helped you to get the courage to try and do something different this year. Don’t be afraid and go for it...sparkles, red lipstick, darker and bolder colours, dare to experiment and be different!

My lovely ladies I wish you all a great celebration full of joy, happiness and love. Stay beautiful and unique! Happy 2015**

Love *D*

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