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Healthy glowing skin for everyone: NORMAL skin type

Hey there!

I am back with a whole new sack of knowledge. Are you ready? I am about to give you some basic information about skincare for normal skin type today! :)

By now you are probably wondering why I use the word “knowledge” so much…let me explain myself. Knowledge is your number one weapon to conquer the world. Without it you are lost, you do everything just the way others do, but without really understanding why things are done the way they are. And that’s where I step in to help and arm you with this new information that will allow you to understand things better and see them from other point of view.

Now let’s focus on our new topic – skincare. You hear things like “you have to clean your face regularly!” or “don’t eat this kind of food or you will get pimples” and “use peeling every day and say goodbye to oily skin” pretty much every day. Some of them are true but many more aren’t. 

Before we get to special products for skincare, let us first clear how skin types even evolve. When we were children no one had problems with skin impurities (oh what a beautiful life we had back then… :)) aaand then a couple of years later came the puberty. Some individuals just blossomed over the night and became khm I will say very good looking – OK hot, and on the other side there were we, who didn’t have that much luck and the only thing that blossomed there were the pimples on our faces – close enough. But we’re pretty much still hoping to turn into hot-ass folks someday…HOPE DIES LAST (yes, that’s what good-looking people say!) :D OK I’ve kind of gone astray from the path here…back to skin types! So as I said the puberty does its thing with hormones and stuff and that’s why our skin usually becomes crazy. Pores get clogged, blackheads appear. That’s usually the time when you should start cleaning it and taking good care of your skin.

We know 3 basic (extreme) types of skin – NORMAL, DRY and OILY. In-between these the most common one is COMBINATION skin type.

Today’s topic is NORMAL skin:

let me tell you straight away that people with true normal skin type are very very rare but they are one lucky individuals! Who doesn’t want to have perfectly clear skin, healthy glow and just the right amount of pink on their cheeks? Well people who fall into this group have very few skin problems, rarely have pimples, their skin has enough moisture and just the right amount of fat so the pores can work normally. But this does not mean they don’t need to take care of it! So what are its features?

o  Silkiness and smoothness through the whole face surface

o  Nicely toned

o  Little, clean pores (little or no blackheads)

o  Slightly pink

o  Excretion of sebum (oil from sebaceous glands) is normal and just right (rarely or don’t get pimples/acne)

o  Both level of moisture and fat are even

Well if you recognise yourself in this description, congratulations, you are/were probably pretty hated person because of your perfect skin... ;)

And now what you have to do to keep things as they are so your skin remains so pretty:

o  Number one thing you need to do is to keep the right balance between fat and moisture inside.

o  Then, after you reach the age of 25 you begin to think about how to slow the aging process (doooh! You probably think this one should be no. 1 right)

o  And you need to prevent clogging of pores.

How do I do that, you ask? Easy-Peasy! First go to the market and buy cleansing milk/gel/oil, tonic and day cream. But not just anyone! Make sure the milk is mild and water based. Tonic shouldn’t contain any alcohol (as my current obviously does, because I didn’t read the list of ingredients …and my skin obviously isn’t happy! :( ). Yes get used to always read the labels! Usually the fewer ingredients it contains, the better it is. And don’t be afraid to ask for help, remember it’s your skin and it will accompany you for the rest of your life, so make the effort! I personally like products from Garnier cosmetics. It is affordable and very good; they have products for all skin types. I recommend you to buy cleansing milk and tonic from the same line, for the best results. Apply cleansing milk every night before bed and use tonic after your morning face wash and also after cleaning with milk (more about the whole cleaning process in future blogs). As your skin has no bigger problem and the regenerating process is normal, you don’t need to use peeling no more than once or twice a month. You don’t even have to buy the whole tube; just make one yourself at home…try mixing a bit of cleansing milk and a table spoon or two of normal granulated sugar (even better with brown sugar). Quickly mix with your finger (so the sugar doesn’t dissolve) and apply to your face. Don’t rub harshly; just move your fingers around enough to feel the sugar brushing the dirt off. Wash, apply tonic with cotton pads and cream and voila, your skin is now smooth as a baby’s butt! :) Once in a while you could also use a facial mask to feed and moisturise your skin. Mix one at home – put a table spoon of yoghurt, honey and an egg yolk into a bowl, mix so everything comes together and apply on your face. From the beginning everything will be watery and disgusting but don’t give up! After a couple of minutes the egg yolk will start to dry and in no time you won’t even be able to smile, so keep away from people, couse their reaction to your yellowy-orange face will make you laugh :D After 15-20 minutes wash the mask off and apply cream. Your skin is now hydrated (yoghurt), fed (egg yolk) and protected (honey).

And last but very important part of your daily routine is application of face cream. Don’t use the one that contains too much oil/the ones that are oil based. It’s better to use water based and those which suit normal to combination skin type (again read the labels and ask for help). I really love the one from Gerard’s Soy collection for winter months and Garnier’s Essentials line-the green one, for summer months. Before you go to bed put on a neutral cream, again not too oily, because night is the time when our skin breathes and rejuvenates (I like Nivea – classic or soft, the most).

When you’re trying out which cream suits you best, don’t get scared of your skin’s reaction (as long as it doesn’t look like allergic reaction!!). Give it some time to adapt – at least a month of regular use.

*Advice section*:

o  Keep your skin protected from sun at all times, the best is to buy daily cream which also contains UV protectors…sun rays can seriously damage your skin!

o  Drink enough water to keep it hydrated from the inside.

o  Try to avoid big temperature differences (usually they dry skin out).

o  Change your daily cream trough-out the year – use a bit richer and creamy one for colder months (you need more protection) and a lighter one for summer months (you don’t want any heavy oily things melting off your face when it’s 35°C outside! :D).

o  I highly recommend you not to use any anti-aging creams, serums etc. at least until you’re 30-35, because if you start using additional collagen/elastin/hyaluronic acid and other while your skin is still capable of creating its own, it’ll become lazy and it will stop with its own natural process!! That will reflect in much earlier formation of wrinkles, they will also be bigger and deeper – it concerns all skin types (we sure don’t want this to happen don’t we?)

I just can’t believe I’ve written so much in one post…I apologize for that, but there is just sooooo much information I want to give to you that it cannot be shorten any further! Next time I will write about dry and oily types, which are far more complex and need even more love and care. :)

P.s. if you have any questions concerning this or any other topic feel free to leave a comment, I'll be more than happy to answer it! :)

Enjoy your life and stay beautiful!  *D*

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